Extreme and Trauma Cleaning Hertfordshire

Extreme and trauma cleaning in Hertfordshire is a sensitive job that requires our team to be fully trained and prepared for the worst. The crew we send in for trauma cleaning is trained following the health and safety codes as well as federal guidelines. Our extensive experience working with law enforcement and military agencies has prepared us to deal with the most complex of situations professionally....

We follow Employee safety protocols, environmental safety procedures, and industry best practices to the T. as a company that has built a reputation for being reliable and good at what they do we establish a cleaning approach based on what our clients expect and what the guidelines for cleaning such spaces dictate.

Our job begins way before we begin the clean-up. We start by conducting a survey of the entire space and detecting any areas that have harmful substances such as mold or asbestos. Once a thorough inspection is complete, we relay the details to our clients and discuss cleaning schedules and timelines with them.