Painting Services Cambridgeshire

At scenic cleaning, we believe that painting does not have to be expensive. you can find the best Painting Services in Cambridgeshire with us including decorative paintwork. Our process is quite detailed and we only use prepping material and paints of the highest quality....

You can expect us to:

• Prepare the walls

This includes scraping off the existing paint carefully, covering floors and furniture with tarps, dusting the walls, applying primer in multiple coats (if needed), and then beginning the paintwork. Our preparation process also includes fixing any cracks and dips in the surface that may obstruct the finish.

• Application and completion

Our application process depends on the surface material, the color of paint you want, and the finish of the paint. Some colors are highly opaque and rarely require more than two costs to completely cover the wall underneath. Others may need a few extra coats to get the right color. If you are looking for a custom mix, we are more than knowledgeable to get just the color you want.

Once the paint is completely dry, we add finishing touches and inspect the entire paint-work thoroughly to fix any fading or streaks.