Extreme and Trauma Cleaning Peterborough

Extreme and trauma cleaning in Peterborough is our forte. We have a dedicated team that is trained specifically to address the grisliest of crime scenes and spaces that have faced neglect for decades. We understand the challenges that come with taking on a trauma cleaning job. You can count on us to be detailed and discreet with our work. We have worked on cleaning jail cells, labs, hospitals, suicide scenes, blood spillage, biohazard-related cleaning, decomposing and similar problems....

Our procedure reflects the federal guidelines and safety standards set by the law. We are extremely thorough with each aspect of cleaning a place that may be contaminated by hazardous elements. Our trauma cleaning services entail cleaning locations that have had an infectious disease and superbug concerns.

We follow strict safety and health protocols and protect our team while making sure we deliver impeccable cleaning even in the most disastrous situations.