Void Property Cleaning Leicester

There are several aspects of Void property cleaning in Leicester that we cover. Our services are tailored to fit the requirements of each vacated property; therefore, you may need one or all of the following:...

• Removal of hazardous and biohazardous waste including, syringes, needles, sharp objects, drugs, etc
• Decontamination and deep cleaning routine
• Through inspection at the end of the cleaning routine for final touches

These the basic cleaning approaches we have to use when clearing out a void property. However, services can be added according to the needs of the customer. We prioritize your requests and make sure that by the end of our work you get the place in the condition you expect.

Our methods are safe and effective. Whether it is a residential property you haven’t stepped in for years or a commercial place that was shut down years ago, you can expect unparalleled cleaning quality and commendable customer service from our team.